InvisionGaming and KJServers – No More

I’ve come back, check out my new business:

My online business now cease’s to exist. This economy hit me hard, among possible administrative mistakes on my part. A company I spent 4 1/2 years building up, is now totally non-existant.

Great….It was fun while it lasted. I learned more then I could EVER hope to, and will carry many lessons on with me for the rest of my life that happened BECAUSE of running my own business…

I want to thank SharkTech Internet Services for giving us everything we needed to succeed, even if we lost in the end. At one point InvisionGaming was pulling in 3x more then was needed to cover costs.

We would like to thank all of our past customers for supporting us, Especially Stratos.

A HUGE thanks goes out to James King, Without his support none of anything would have happened.

The company grew as I matured, it matured. I plan on restarting the company one day, when I have the money to do so.

Thank you everybody. It’s emotional to let go.

Please Note: InvisionGaming/KJServers are in NO WAY/SHAPE/FORM Affiliated with

I end this post with a LOLCat:

  • Kalyse

    Sad to see you stop trading Kyle.
    Was great sharing resources and advice over your stretch.
    Chris (IG).

  • Anonymous

    suks dude.. i remember way back in the day when you started IG.. and KJServers actually.. never thought it would go as far as it did.. you surprised us all.. When ever you decide to start back up, reach out, ill help ya out again..

    A.K.A. s0beit

  • Magman77

    I used to be an admin on a Garry’smod server hosted by you… Sad to see it go :'(

  • Michael

    Dam man , really sorry for you , i was searching for the site cos i was about to buy a few servers off you , such a shame. Hope you get it up and running again soon