They call me…Gelato? – Rookie-O

Kyle Gelato?=]
Kyle Gelato?

Hello Everyone,

This week I have been doing Rookie-O (Rookie Orientation) at RackSpace’s Datapoint office. Basically they give us an overview of the whole company, and how to essentially be a Racker. It’s pretty awesome, although I do miss doing my work.

Some people might ask, what’s the definition of being Fanatical? Google defines it as:

fanatic: marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea; “rabid isolationist”

So that’s the definition of a fanatic…so I guess, here at RackSpace sometimes we know when were being fanatical, that’s the great part about it. We push ourselves, and are aware of it when we do. In this way we can sort of “check up on” ourselves, and see if we are living up to the word. So here is my Fanatical story:

  1. Laying in bed.
  2. Can’t fall asleep, starting Rookie-O the next morning. (It’s Midnight at this time)
  3. Search twitter for “RackSpace” on my phone
  4. See unhappy customer
  5. Tweet customer that will look into issue
  6. Go downstairs with laptop so I don’t wake anybody up
  7. Solve issue
  8. Go back to bed (It’s 1:30 AM at this point)
  9. Accomplished, warm fuzzy feeling of having helped someone is happening.
  10. This person posts a blog post about what I did for them.

(By the way, #10 is a link, yes the whole sentence)

I love what I do, and I am passionate about my work. Talk about the Cloud and I can go on and on ;].

My Rookie-O Table (Our team "Rock n' Rackers")
My Rookie-O Table (Our team "Rock n' Rackers")

Click the image if you want to see it full size, but this is my team’s decorated table for Rookie-O

  • Heeey!
    Wow 🙂 Looks like you got yourself a good life!!! miss you!

  • I’m so excited about you and your cool job. 🙂