Six Flags Fiesta Texas – My Horrible Experience

Today at around ~5 I went to Fiesta Texas with my friend Quentin, I purchased a season pass for $64 at the door, and proceeded to the Go Kart Ride, after enjoying some of the pizza they have at the local food shops. My friend was the driver, and I was the passenger. We paid $12 combined for both of us to ride. My friend and I could not hear or understand the incoherent instructions being spoken by the attendants, however we followed the hand instructions. When we started riding, I took out my phone to film the moment, because my friend and I wanted to make a video of us riding a Go Kart, make a memory. We were soon thereafter halted and motioned to stop, which we did. When it became apparent it was too loud for us to hear the instructions being spoken to us, I stepped out next to the attendant to try and hear what she was saying. They told me to get back into the cart which I did, and we pulled into the “parking area” for the Go Karts.

When my friend and I attempted to leave, which we did on the basis of being told “Go ahead and drive up, then you can leave”, we were halted by about 3 attendants telling us to wait for security. A supervisor named Javi approached us and instructed us to follow him off the area near the ride, which we did. Three security guards then escorted us to the security booth/center where they proceeded to ask us for statements, accused us of swearing at the attendants (Which by the way, all attendants said they heard, however only one was near us and she couldn’t hear us, because of how loud the motors were.), and treated me like a criminal. They ran my license, asked me for information repeatedly, which I did not feel comfortable giving to them, I did however hand them my drivers license to copy the information if they truly wished, as they were becoming more and more aggressive in their interrogation of me. These men were not trained to handle customers who are under stress or frustration, if they were even trained how to treat customers at all. They kept speaking to me in tones that I deemed threatening, and as such I acted defensively. One security officer named Rodriguez who claimed to be in charge of the security team, was specifically hostile towards me, shouting out how he was in charge and that if I have any questions about the other guards I should go to him. There was also a manager named Omar present, who proceeded to laugh when I politely refused to fill out personal information on a piece of paper. His greeting, and farewell were also dripping with sarcasm, and overall this is a prime example of how not to treat a customer if you value them at all.

In the end, they took a picture of me holding up a board with my name on it, and my ID #, as if I was a common criminal, or a thief. In reality, I feel like they have stolen from me, as I spent $75 in a 3 hour period, to be ejected from their park for life.

Needless to say, I want either my money back, or my pass instated. Preferably both, but most importantly I want this to be heard and known.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact me.

-Kyle Gato
kyle dot gato [at] gmail dot com

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  • This happened to me for my attire in high school, it says admission is to be denied, but they take it then they kick you out after you walk in (braids or dreads are not allowed…).

    They also got some heat for harassing and ejecting a disabled veteran back in the day, as well as a disabled child.… See More

    It happens all the time at this one… Oh and if you are ejected for any reason, there is absolutely no refund.

  • Travis

    After a similar incident, I vowed never to waste my money there again. The private security guards are dumb and throw their weight around. Go tubing or kayaking on the river. You can have a great time for a fraction of the cost!!

    If anything your entitled to a partial refund of your season pass…

  • I dont know what is up with six flags.
    That sounds terrible, and alot like profiling and a powertrip. Terrible customer service on their part.
    Six Flags has personally affected my team by a scheduling conflict that they have yet to remedy. Details not specifically listed. I know that at least until this is remedied, I will not give them my business and continue to promote them in a negative way to fellow rackers.
    I was lined up to purchase a season pass this summer but if this is how they treat rackers absolutely not