Facebook Privacy – Poll Concern

Ceiling Cat Facebook Privacy   Poll Concern
Ceiling Cat is watching your Facebook profile

Today I decided to vote on a rather useless poll. There was a box on the right hand of Facebook asking me how far I’d travel for a McDonalds McRib sandwich. The options were:

  1. Around the block
  2. Up to 50 miles
  3. Anywhere in the world
facebookpoll Facebook Privacy   Poll Concern
Facebook Poll - Notice it shows my friend's poll choice

Obviously, I chose around the block, as I have never tried a McRib (There’s my disclaimer), but do not feel the need to travel any of the either distances for fast food. Then I noticed something right under the poll results that said “See how your friends voted.”  What? When did this happen, or have I never noticed it? I quickly took to my privacy settings on Facebook and could not find anything pertaining to “Poll Results” and my privacy. What if I participate in a highly personal (Sure, maybe sponsored) poll on Facebook, and it’s my opinion and I may choose not to share it with my Facebook friends. I currently do not have that option, only the option to not participate at all in the poll.

Tread your privacy waters carefully Facebook…you’ve been doing decent so far in responding to the community as a whole on privacy issues, I just think this is a small bump in the road for you guys.

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